DESIGN + REAL ESTATE Makes us Different

Indian Village

Design is one of the most important aspects in a home and has the biggest impact in creating a welcoming feeling.  It is expressed in the way a floor plan flows, beautiful woodwork and detailing, as well as renovations that compliment original workmanship.  At Detroit House Company our background is in Design coupled with expertise in Real Estate.  Design + Real Estate is what makes us different.

For BUYERS we offer two neighborhood tours to get you started.  We have a general tour that gives an overview of Detroit’s neighborhoods from a design perspective.  We also offer a deep-dive tour with more specifics on any individual neighborhood.  Our goal is to give you a chance to discover your favorite parts of the City before narrowing your search to individual properties. 

For SELLERS we offer a walk-though with one of our designers to help you focus on opportunities that will add value before you list your property for sale.  Wondering if your bathroom will appeal to buyers or if it’s time for a renovation?  Looking for ideas to make your house feel more welcoming?  Wish you had someone with design expertise to give you some honest feedback?  Our suggestions can be tailored to any budget.  

For RENOVATORS we offer a walk-through to talk about a variety of possibilities for your space.  From there we are available to consult on an hourly basis or we can connect you to local architects and contractors who are appropriate for the size and scope of your project.